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Art Hill Film Series beginning 7/8/16 @ Forest Park June 28, 2016

Check slam.org/filmseries and this event page for updates and additional information.

On July 8, we’ll take you right into the danger zone with Top Gun, the first film in the 2016 Art Hill Film Series. Tom Cruise stars as a young Navy fighter pilot, living the dream while fighting to be best in class.
We feel the need…the need for speed!

On July 15, celebrate the heart of a hero with ‘Rocky’, our second film in the 2016 Art Hill Film Series. Cheer for Sylvester Stallone in his original role as the determined fighter Rocky Balboa, a has-been with one dream left…and one last chance. slam.org/filmseries #arthillfilms

Friday, July 22 – Grab your Reese’s Pieces and join us for the third film in the 2016 Art Hill Film Series, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial! Root for Elliott, a lonely boy who must find the courage he needs to help a lost extraterrestrial, “E.T.”, get home. slam.org/filmseries #arthillfilms

Join us July 29 to see Tom Hanks defy the odds stacked against him with strength and determination in his Oscar-winning role as Forrest Gump.#arthillfilms

Tina Siebert

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