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Scavenger Hunts at the St Louis Zoo – How cool does that sound for the kids? May 27, 2013

For organized groups Kindergarten — 12th grade

Dates: Self-guided scavenger hunts can be completed whenever the Zoo is open.
Cost: Free!
How to get one: Call the Education Department at (314) 646-4544 or download them (see below).

Scavenger hunts are activity pages that lead your group on a self-guided tour of the Zoo to discover more about specific topics. Upon request, we will mail or fax a single copy of any particular hunt. You can also view and print a copy of a scavenger hunt by clicking on the topics below. Please make as many copies as you need for your group. (The Introduction to Missouri Wildlife class includes a Missouri Wildlife scavenger hunt.)

Attention Educators
Our scavenger hunts are updated periodically in an attempt to provide the most current information about our animals. Please request or print a new copy each year. While we encourage educators to use our scavenger hunts, we know that many create their own. Please note that we cannot support non-Zoo created scavenger hunts, nor be responsible if they do not have the most up-to-date information on our animals. Our website is a great source for animal information and can be used as a resource. If you have a question regarding whether an animal is on exhibit, please call the Animal Information Hotline at (314) 646-4549 (toll free 1-800-966-8877, ext. 4549).

Click here to find different scavenger hunts at the St Louis Zoo


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